World’s Most Advanced Rendering Solution

Leonardo is the fastest, simplest, and most affordable cloud supercompute solution for the graphical rendering industry.

Using Leonardo’s software, customers are able to complete their renders in real time on their computers while having the ability to connect to GPU Infrastructures all over the world.

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Marco Iodice
CEO & Co-Founder
Marco is a multi award-winning creative. His experience ranges from music composition and sound design to 3D modelling, animation and VR programming. Among his achievements exist 7 Cannes Lions, 1 Spikes Grand Prix, and the Gong Award for Best Sound Design with Grey Group Singapore.
We live in an era of visual digital content. Our visual experiences are the product of human hard work and computational power.

We also live in an era where ‘Speed’, ‘Deadline’, and ’Delivery’ are the key-words that differentiate between success and failure. I can’t believe that in 2018 CG Creators have to wait twenty-four hours to see their rendering completed, while animators in some cases have to wait nearly a month for a single second of animation. There is a deep necessity here, and where there exists necessity, great ideas come to life. Welcome to Leonardo Render, the Blockchain Render Farm. -Marco Iodice CEO & Co-Founder.

Marco Iodice - World Blockchain Forum Dubai

What is Leonardo Render?

Leonardo Render is a decentralized graphical rendering platform. We speed up the process of CGI rendering through use of our massive supercompute network.

The Leonardo Render software allows users to process renderings faster than ever at the lowest price in the industry.

Leonardo's solution is extremely secure and easy to use. The project is already in its first stage of deployment, having secured a vertically integrated partnership with the 23,000 GPU facility, Giga Watt, the largest crypto mining site in the United States.

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Latest News About Leonardo

1st place d10e - The Leading Conference On Decentralization

Our office in New York

Our Mission

Rendering Made Easy

Creators of computer generated imagery (CGI) require rendering. Rendering is the last stage of CGI production; it is the process that transforms a wireframe into a photorealistic image. This process requires computing power, and computing power is incredibly expensive. The rendering process also requires an extraordinary amount of time, leaving content creators hard-pressed to meet strict deadlines. Leonardo Render will greatly enhance the speed of the rendering process in a simple and affordable manner.

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Leonardo provides the fastest cloud-based rendering process ever built. Users will be able to select the amount of GPUs employed in the completion of their render. The more GPUs selected, the faster the render will complete.
Intellectual Property Protection
Leonardo Renders first priority is our customers Intellectual Property protection. Thanks to a strict security protocol and data encryption users files are always protected.
Cost Effective
Rendering through Leonardo starts at $0.25 per GPU per hour, positioning it as the cheapest cloud-based rendering solution.
Leonardo's blockchain-based protocol allows for a limitless amount of decentralized compute power. We are constantly partering with mining facilities across the world to provide the most compute power for our customers.

Our Clients

Rendering Reimagined

Rendering transforms line-drawings into photorealistic images. But this process takes times even on powerful workstations.

In the modern age of short deadlines and fast-moving industries, long render times are not acceptable. From architectural studios to animation firms, time is money and computing power is incredibly expensive. Using Leonardo, your IP is protected and your workflow remains seamless. We constructed our software to fulfull the needs of our customers.

A Problem Worth Solving

Rendering is the last stage in the production of Computer Generated Images. Even for extremely advanced computers, the process of completing a render is an intense, demanding task.

The key tool used in completing a successful render is a computer’s GPU(Graphical Processing Unit). Using a single, powerful GPU, it might take hours- or even days- to produce a photorealistic render. Through Leonardo’s decentralized network of large-scale GPU providers, Leonardo has made this process faster, simpler, and more affordable.

Understanding render time

1 Frame = 1 Image

Up to 24 Hours to Render

24 Frames = 1 Second of Animation

Up to 1 Month of Render

GPU Benchmark

1x Nvidia 1060

The Solution

Using Leonardo’s application, artists, designers, manufactures and studios are now able to complete their renderings with unparalleled speed.

The system offers both unlimited computing power and intellectual property protection, all while being cost effective.

Currently, users can access 23,000 GPUs.

Leonardo Render relies on a growing network of large GPU infrastructures around the world. We are always expanding our partnerships to better serve our users.

The software will be free to download at

The Market

Our targets

The Present

Current solution adopted

The Opportunity

3-5 years forecast

Key Advantages
Unlimited Computing Power
Easy Interface
Intellectual Property Protected
Real Time View
Affordable Prices
Key Advantages

Benefits for GPU Miners

Leonardo will take advantage of the high-performance computing capabilities of crypto-mining infrastructures. Currently, GPU crypto-mining is facing a decrease in profitability, but Leonardo Render offers an alternative solution for GPU miners. Processing renderings gives the miners the opportunity to increase their profit while relying on the stability of the service priced in fiat.

GPU mining is facing a decrease in profitability. Leonardo Render offers an alternative solution for GPU miners.

Processing renderings gives the miners the opportunity to increase their profitability while relying on the stability of the service priced in Fiat.

Market Size

Cloud Rendering Market
Content Creators
Animation Studios
Product Design
Movie Studios
Real Estate


Most of the users are medium to small players. The reason is cost. Cloud Rendering is cheaper than building a render farm, so medium and small players rely on cloud services. Big studios are still rendering most off their content in-house, but the increasingly high complexity of Computer Generated Images will drive even the big players to rely on third party solutions.

Token Distribution

LEOS is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Miners in the Leonardo network need to stake a certain amount of LEOS tokens to provide rendering services to our clients.

The stake size in LEOS tokens will be dynamically adjusted to optimize miner and customer incentives. Staked tokens also serve as a security deposit to ensure a high quality finished product.

Token name:
1 ETH = 4000 LEOS
Hard cap:
Soft cap:
Private pre-sale:
14.06.18 3 PM UTC - 08.09.18 3 PM UTC
Public pre-sale:
08.09.18 3 PM UTC - 08.11.18 3 PM UTC
10 ETH minimum purchase
Public sale:
08.11.18 3 PM UTC - 08.12.18 3 PM UTC

08.11.18 - 22.11.18 - 10% bonus

22.11.18 - 05.12.18 - 5% bonus

05.12.18 - 08.12.18 - 0% bonus

Purchase size bonuses:

Less than 10 ETH = 0% bonus

10 ETH - 100 ETH = 7,5% bonus

100 ETH - 500 ETH = 12,5% bonus

500+ ETH – bonuses and lockups discussed individually


The Leonardo Render software is a fully functional application. Further improvements will be created and instituted over time. The release of the final product is planned for 2019 Q1, and a full range of available application support (VRay for Maya and 3DS Max and other major GPU- supported rendering engines) will be incorporated. In Q4 2019, we will kick off Leonardo Lab, a collective of intelligent creatives connected through the Leonardo network that will function as the business' creative arm.

A network of smart creatives all connected in the Leonardo Render network.

  • Q1 - Alpha Development along Test- Complete ✓
  • Q2 - Begin Private Placement - In Progress
    Work on Alpha Product- Complete ✓
    Work on Crypto Payment Option Start Beta Test Stage 1 - In Progress
    LEOS Token Staking System - In Progress
  • Q3 - Dispute Resolution System Beta Test Stage 2
  • Q4 - Release Beta Product- Complete ✓
  • Q1 - Release Final Product
  • Q2 - Expand Applications Support
    Begin Infrastructure network Expansion- Complete ✓
  • Q3 - Full application support
  • Q4 - Leonardo Lab Development
  • Q1 - Infrastructure Network Expansion
    Leonardo Lab Development
  • Q2 - Infrastructure Expansion
    Leonardo Lab Launch
  • Q3/Q4 - Full Infrastructure Network Coverage

Our Team

Marco Iodice
CEO & Co-Founder
Marco is a multi Award-Winning Creative. His experience ranges from Music Composition and Sound Design to 3D modeling, animation and VR programming. Among his achievements are 7 Cannes Lions, 1 Spikes Grand Prix and Gong Award for Best Sound Design with Grey Group Singapore.
Adrian Song
Adrian Song is a multidisciplinary designer who creates concepts and materials in interactive design, architecture, industrial design, and packaging. His experience using power-hungry software brought his attention to computational power as a deep problem for the design industry. He joined Leonardo Render to help creatives achieve uncompromised results on time with minimal effort.
Taylor Milova
Project Manager
Taylor is an experienced Project Manager. She has worked within the Architectural Visual Renderings in 3D and 2D, as well as in Virtual Reality application design and implementation. She brings years of experience from the design world to the Leonardo Render ecosystem, managing the complex connections between production and cloud computing services.
Marcin Gucki
With over 15 years of experience, Marcin is the brilliant architect behind our application. A computer scientist, Marcin worked for IBM as Technical Leader and DB2 Administrator. The software for Leonardo Render required 4 years of development based on GPU virtualization. His creation allows Leonardo Render to deliver the most sophisticated and innovative cloud rendering service on the market.
Delon De Metz
Head of Strategy
Delon de Metz is a blockchain executive with a focus in corporate strategy and backgrounds in technology and finance. Prior to beginning a career in the startup world, Delon attended Harvard University, from which he graduated with a degree in economics.

Why Leonardo

Fruzsina Kaiser
Photorealistic rendering is revolutionizing the Architectural industry. We can show our clients what their home will look like with highly detailed images. This technology has given us a great opportunity to win business and service existing clientele at a high level. Using Leonardo, we can enjoy the benefits of photorealistic rendering without having to assume the traditional cost of long delivery times.
Giacomo Longoni
Leonardo Render will be a game changer. Using it, I can see our CAD [Computer-Aided Design] projects rendered in few minutes. No additional skills are required and the opportunity to scale the processors to an almost unlimited number is incredibly compelling.